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Our mission is to help develop Organisations where employees are happy, engaged, and productive; customers are delighted and loyal; and competitors are very, very afraid.

A great Facilitator is the missing piece of the puzzle.  The person who brings a project or plan together and instils a renewed drive, sense of focus, empowered motivation, and freedom to work outside the box for creative solutions.

Ordinary meetings seldom require an outside facilitator, but when serious circumstances dictate events that have ramifications on the future of a company, then a master facilitator (someone who has both extensive business and meeting experience) is a crucial investment that smart organisations turn to for their professional experience and expertise.

“Don’t settle for acceptable when exceptional is within reach.”

Our Facilitators have spent decades leading innovative and game-changing meetings surrounded by some of the most talented individuals in the world who have learned from their insights and gone on to run highly successful companies of their own.  Their attention to detail and professionalism has revolutionised the way meetings and workshops are have been facilitated in numerous multi-billion pound companies in highly competitive industries.

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Because we believe in the process of designing and running successful meetings and workshops, our Business Facilitation service partners with you, our valued client, to understand the purpose and outcome of the meeting or workshop helping you to achieve your objectives faster.

A key component of the facilitation process, especially when meetings are convened to discuss difficult problems or issues, is the setting of ground rules. In addition, each facilitated session is designed to promote group interaction and participation. Through impartial support whilst guiding the group through the process of developing shared views, your Facilitator will encourage creative thinking, exploration of views and obtaining group understanding to achieve consensus on the way forward with their chosen solution and action plan.

From Inspiration to Inception, our trained Facilitator will provide a comprehensive and bespoke service according to your business or group needs. Our Facilitation service includes:-

  • Internal meetings

  • – including business planning meetings, problem solving or change programmes

  • Conflict Management

  • Team Building Days

  • Conference Facilitation

  • – Small, Medium, or Large Groups

  • Focus Groups

  • – Tenant participation or Service User Group

  • Community Groups

  • Public Meetings

  • Acquisitions / Mergers / Disposals

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 07834 525 165

  Business Facilitator