Business Development creates long-term value for your business entity from customers, markets and relationships.

We are involved in tasks and processes to develop and implement sustainable growth opportunities within and between organisations.

Our strategy is to underpin your main Business Model / Plan  and, essentially, set out a standard approach for developing new opportunities. These can be either from within existing accounts or by, pro-actively, targeting brand new potential accounts.

In addition to assisting you with your Business Development, our team of experienced professionals will further enhance the solutions we offer to your business problems through:

Acquisitions, Disposals & Mergers

Invariably, Directors and Business Owners feel unprepared and unsupported in what should be a strategic process to develop your business or for planning your exit strategy.  Whether it be a MBO, a bolt-on acquisition, the purchase of an insolvent business or disposal of your own business, our teams of experts work closely with you to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Due Diligence

The leading cause of acquisition & merger failure is to not perform effective legal, financial and, most significantly, operations due diligence.

Operational Due Diligence needs to cover a lot of potential risk areas.

People buy and sell or merge business for different reasons.  Whatever those reasons, Due Diligence must take place to ensure the deal is sound.

Audits, Compliance, Governance & Risk Management

In order to ensure your organisation adheres to regulatory guidelines, comprehensive reviews are necessary to evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations.

The tools which assist you include regular audits with recommendations, implementing risk management framework, performing risk assessments and mitigating risks, assistance in defining governance, and effective compliance functions.

Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Transport Management Audits, Compliance & Risk Assessments

  • Health & Safety Audits, Compliance & Risk Assessments

  • Fire Audits & Risk Assessments

  • GDPR Compliance

Business Facilitation

Our mission is to help develop your organisation where your employees  are happily engaged, and productive; customers are delighted and loyal; and competitors are very, very afraid.

A great Facilitator is the missing piece of the puzzle.  The person who brings a project or plan together and instils a renewed drive, sense of focus, empowered motivation, and freedom to think and work ‘outside the box’ to bring you creative effective solutions improving your bottom line.

Business Modelling

The global economy in which we lives determines that it is every-changing environment and with the internet your business needs to adapt quickly.
Regular focus on your Business Modelling will ensure your products and services still provide value propositions to your current and future customer base.
The alternative could result in your business failing !!!
Using our 9-point Business Modelling template and attending brainstorming sessions with all your valued employees, your business has a better chance of survival in this fast-moving economy.

Business Planning

A good Business Plan is an excellent working document if used correctly.  However, most end up on a shelf gathering dust once the initial hurdle to obtain finance has been accomplished.

Business Planning is about setting short- and mid-term goals and defining the steps necessary to achieve them.

Our question to you is “WHY allow all this information on your business to, simply, take up space and not be referred to?”

We can assist you by changing the objectives of writing the Business Plan and ensuring it becomes a ‘live working reference document’.

The tool described in the Business Modelling section above allows for the Business Plan to remain current and updated to keep up with the trends of the present day economy and your business surviving.

Market Research

It is our quest to ensure that you, our valued client, make clearer business decisions and, therefore, become more profitable.

Before embarking on any project, launching a new product or service, it is key to perform Market Research bringing deeper, richer insights into your your business.

It is an important tool to study buyer behaviour, changes in consumer lifestyles, and consumption patterns, brand loyalty and forecast market changes.

Our systematic approach using proven techniques are useful in solving your marketing problems.

Strategic Planning

We believe that Strategic Planning is important to your organisation because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals.

By guiding day-to-day decisions, evaluating progress, and changing approaches when moving forward, everyone in the organisation moves in the same direction.

The key questions asked are:-

  • Why do we want to run a profitable business ?
  • How are we going to get there ?
  • What do we need to achieve ?

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